2015   Selected as "Selected as Selected as "Venture business" by SBC
2014   Selected as "Selected as "The leading company of the strategic industry " in Jeonbuk
            Designated as Hiel's second factory established
            Selected as "Inno-Biz" by SMBA
2011   Selected as "Export promising firm" by Jeonbuk SME Export center in 2011
            Designated as "Venter Business" by KIBO in 2011
            Selected as "Inno-Biz" by SMBA in 2011
            Selected as "Promising SME" by Jeonbuk in 2011
2010   Acquired a Patent for Pb Free Ceramic composite of PTC Thermistor and PTC Thermistor             manufactured by the composites
            Acquired a Patent for Cermamic comosite of PB Free PTC Thermistor and PTC Thermistor             manufactured by the composites
            Awarded "1 Million Dollars Exporter Tower" by The Korea International Trade Association
            Selected as "New Exporter 300" by The Korea International Trade Association
2009   Venter business designated by SMBA (20090104828)
2008   Selected as Inno-Biz < SMBA/ R2101-0242 >
            Export promising firm ( Jeonbuk SME Export center)
2006   Export promising firm『 Jeonbuk SME Export center』
2005   Selected as Export oriented business『 Jeonbuk SMBA 』
            Selected as Inno-Biz < SMBA>
2004   Selected as parts material expertise company
           『 Designated by Ministry of Industry and Resource 』
2003   Renamed to Hiel Co., Ltd.
2002   Selected as Inno-Biz < SMBA>
            Selected as Clean Workplace ( Ministry of Labor)
2001   Attained approval of PTC THERMISTOR UL 『 FILE NO. E213419 』
            Acquired certification of VARISTOR VDE
2000   Selected as Promising SME in Jeollabukdo.
            Was awarded Prime minister prize in good SME in the 2nd National SME Rally
            Selected as Venter business designated by SMBA


1999   Established Corporate affiliated Laboratory
            Was awarded prize of Minister of Industry (Management and productivity
            improvement of venture business)
            Selected as Export promising Firm by Small and Medium Business Corporation
1998   Acquired certification of ISO 9001
            Selected as Venter Enterprise designated by SMBA
            Acquired certification of VARISTOR UL (FILE NO. E188093)
1996   Chip PTC Thermistor Development『participate in industry-university-institute
            joint technology development business task 』Supervised by : KETI
            Performed technology development for PTC Thermistors Heater
1995   Acquired certification of VARISTOR UL 1449 (FILE NO 182771)
            Acquired certification of VARISTOR CSA ( FILE NO LR 103860-1)
            Selected as Promising Small & Medium Sized Company
1994   Established Samyang Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd
            Produced Varistors and PTC Thermistor