"HVR Varistor" is released through our continued research in ceramic material composition of ZnO varistors and manu- facturing process, featuring large surge current handling capability and energy handling capability for absorbing transient overvoltage in compact size.

1. High energy series

  • Varistor voltage : 200~1,100V
  • Max. peak current : 40KA

2. General series

  • Varistor voltage : Φ5~20
  • Varistor Voltage : 18~1,800V
  • Max. peak current
S-series : 100~6,500A U-series : 400~10,000A

3. Applivation Notes

“UL 1449” specifide application category of “HVR” varistor by their peak current ratings.
therefore, its selection shall be followed below.

Application category of “HVR”s Applicable “HVR”
Cord connected and direct plug-in type equipment 10 - series
14 - series
20 - series

“Rated voltage” are speccified for UL / CSA recognized components besides max. continuous voltage, because of conforming to te standby current specified in safety standards, in case of making ad application to UL / CSA approval for equipment with "HVR", the max. ac operating voltage of equipment with "HVR",the max. ac operating voltage of equipment shall belower the "HVR" rated voltage.

In case of making an application to CSA for equipment with "HVR", following caution are needed.

- only across-the-line use is admitted. varistors shall not be connected between parts
involving a shock hazard and exposed metal parts.
- the svr varistor shall be protected by the fusing specified below.

Max peak current (8/28us) Max. rating of fuse(A)
Up to 500
501 to 2,000
2,001 to 6,000
Over 6,000
not specified

Products & Applications


Over Voltage Protection

1) Advantages

  • Quick Response Time
  • Lower Clamping voltage
  • Lower Leakage Current
  • Safety Approvals

2) Applications