• PTC Heater Module

    HieL is a professional PTC heater production company that
    produces various models of PTC elements and
    provides Heating solutions in consideration of uses and
    characteristics required by customers.


  • Automotive Heater

    ※ PTC heater for automobile is a description of a system that operates heating through electric heating before the engine temperature of the vehicle reaches a limit temperature.
    ※ Since electric automobile, which have recently been expanding, do not have an engine room, a PTC heater is used as the main heating device to heat the inside of vehicle.


  • Home Heater

    ※ In case of PTC for heater, when voltage is applied, it generates heat at a constant temperature without a sensor and temperature control circuit.
    ※ By applying these characteristics, it’s expanded to heater parts for home appliances and various products that require stability.


  • Current Protection

    ※ In various electric/electronic circuits, there is a sensor function using the characteristic that the resistance value changes according to the change of the ambient temperature outside the PTC


  • Temperature

    ※ When an abnormal current (overcurrent) flows into various electric/electronic circuits, the resistance rises rapidly due to the PTC self-heating phenomenon caused by Jule heat, thereby cutting off the current in the series circuit.


  • Voltage Protection

    ※ When voltage between two terminals is low, electrical resistance has a characteristic that, on the contrary, resistance decreases when voltage rises above a limit temperature.
    ※ It’s used as a bypass to protect other electronic components from high voltage.



Based on the basic ceramic manufacturing technology that used to produce traditional and daily porcelain, HIEL was transformed into a manufacturer of PTC thermistors and varistors in 1994 and has reached the present day. LEAD MORE

R & D

HIEL is making a number of R&D achievements through continuous investment in facility R&D and continuous participation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) technology innovation development projects hosted by the Small and Medium Business Administration. LEAD MORE