"SVR Varistor" is released through our continued research in ceramic material composition of ZnO varistors and manufacturing
process, featuring large surge current handling capability and energy handling capability for absorbing transient overvoltage
in compact size.

Classification System of SVR Varistor

General series

Standard type with radial lead for general surge protection
● Varistor voltage : 18∼1,800V
● Max. peak current :
S-series : 100∼6,500A
U-series : 400∼10,000A (8/20㎲)

High energy series

For application in industrial electric or
electronic equipment under heavy duty.
● Varistor voltage : 200∼1,100V
● Max. peak current : 25∼40kA (8/20㎲)


◎ Electronic instrument protection.
◎ Telephone system protection.
◎ Relay contact point protection.
◎ Rectification Diode protection.
◎ SCR protection.
◎ Reduction of abnormal voltage in high voltage current.
◎ Switching transistor protection.
◎ Reduction of switching surge in electromagnetic.
◎ Reduction of error in digital circuit.
◎ Reduction of noise from an abnormal voltage.